Absolute Fencing Standard Epee Mask (Club Loaner)

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This non-FIE rated fencing mask by Absolute Fencing is suitable as a club loaner mask or for use by a beginner for weapons drilling and up to medium level intensity free play / sparring with longswords. For a 350N rated coach mask that is more appropriate for higher intensity levels of HEMA activity, please see our other models of HEMA fencing masks.

This mask is great for clubs and beginners due to its quality and modest price.

For sizing by diameter of the head, measuring from under the chin to the top of the head.

XS Small (0) Medium (1) Large (2) XL (3)
Under 21" 21"-23" 24"-25" 26"-28" Over 28"


(If you are unsure of the size of your head and fencing mask, keep in mind that most male adults wear a size Large fencing mask and most adult females wear a size Medium fencing mask. )