Absolute Force Men's Fencing Chest Protector

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Worn separately or underneath a padded fencing jacket or gambeson, the Absolute Force chest protector will provide additional protection against hard thrusts from a variety of weapons ranging from foils, longswords, arming swords, rapiers, sabers and more. This chest guard is made from high quality plastic with nylon straps that make it easy to make adjustments for size. 


Male size XL: 51x35cm (20x13.8in); 391g (13.8 oz); for bust 140cm+ (55.12in+).
Male size L: 51x31cm (20x12.2in); 364g (12.8oz); for bust 110-140cm (43.31-55.12in).
Male size M: 46.5x26cm (18.3x10.6in); 285g (10.1oz); for bust 90-120cm (35.43-47.24in).
Male size S: 46.5x23cm (18.3x9.1in); 234g(8.3oz); for bust 85-90cm (33.46-35.43in).
Male size XS: 45.5x20cm (17.9x7.9in); 194g (6.8oz); for bust 70-85cm (27.56-33.46in).

Each item may vary slightly from these specifications.