Hanwei Sword Case

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Paul Chen Sword Cases are designed for the martial artist who carries katana and/or bokken to and from the dojo, but they are equally at home with any sheathed swords less than 50” long. They are available in medium ( 2 sword capacity) and large ( 3 sword capacity) sizes.

The cases are in a black, heavy-duty fabric with leather reinforcing. A shoulder strap and carrying handle provide traveling convenience. Each case has two zippered inside compartments for swords and an outer compartment for maintenance supplies. These cases are perfect for those who travel frequently with their swords across country or across town.


Key Features:

  • Heavy Fabric Designed for Long Life
  • Maintenance Pocket
  • Shoulder Strap for Easy Carrying

    Overall length: 52 1/4"

    Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.