Red Dragon Armoury HEMA Forearm and Elbow Protectors

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Forearm and Elbow Protectors by Red Dragon are designed for HEMA and feature heavy-duty cotton construction. They feature 7 padded articulated plastic plates that envelop the forearm for complete protection. They are held firmly in place with 2 elasticated straps with Velcro fastenings. The elbow protectors are constructed with a hard plastic shell and padded inner lining, allowing for both protection and comfort. They are attached at the elbow with a single elasticated strap with Velcro fastening. 

Length: 11" (28cm)

Weight: 1 lbs (450g)

All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.


Key Features:

  • Heavy duty cotton construction
  • Velcro fastening with elastic straps
  • Articulated plastic plates for protection & ease of movement